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Graphic Designer - Droptine Studios

Boerne, TX • Full-Time


  • Droptine Studios was established by Austin Pradon in 2015, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the wildlife industry. With three generations of his family dedicated to working in the field and a lifelong passion for hunting and wildlife, Austin brings a unique perspective to the field of professional media production.

  • With a diverse background that includes travel photography, co-ownership of a family hunting ranch, and extensive hands-on experience with livestock, whitetail deer, and exotic animals, Austin brings a level of industry insight and expertise that sets Droptine Studios apart from hobby photographers.

  • At Droptine Studios, we believe that technical skill and industry experience are equally important in delivering the highest quality results to our clients. That's why, when you choose Droptine Studios, you can trust that you are working with a professional media company that understands your needs and has the experience and knowledge to bring your vision to life. Position Details: IN PERSON PREFERRED, REMOTE NEGOTIABLE QUALIFICATIONS - High school diploma or GED; at least 1 year of experience directly related to the duties and responsibilities  specified.   - Completed degree(s) from an accredited institution that are above the minimum education requirement may be  substituted for experience on a year for year basis.   - Highly Proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator) - Proficiency in operating cameras, lighting equipment and audio recording devices. Familiarity with video editing  software,   - Strong attention to detail, ensuring high-quality video production by paying close attention to framing,  composition, lighting, and audio levels.   - Excellent communication skills and the ability to work effectively as part of a team. Willingness to take direction  and learn from more experienced professionals.   -A creative mindset with an understanding of visual storytelling techniques. Ability to contribute ideas and think  critically to enhance the overall quality of video content.   - Strong organizational skills and the ability to time-share effectively in a fast-paced environment. Demonstrated  ability to meet deadlines and prioritize tasks.   - Willingness to work irregular hours, including evenings and weekends to accommodate video/photo shoot  schedules and production demands.  - A portfolio or reel showcasing pervious graphic design work or related projects is highly desirable.   -  Videographers often work long hours and may be required to carry and set up heavy equipment. Physical stamina and fitness are essential for handling the physical demands of the job, including standing, walking and lifting  equipment for extended periods.   - Good hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity to operate cameras, adjust focus and exposure settings, and  handle small accessories such as cables and connectors.   - The ability to move quickly and easily is important for changing locations and adjust camera angles.   - Good vision to accurately focus cameras, frame shots, and ensure proper exposure. Color vision is important for  accurate color grading and matching in post-productions.   - Normal hearing ability to monitor audio levels, capture quality sound and communicate effectively with team  members on location.   - The ability to adapt to changing situations and work comfortably in different settings is important.   - Strong awareness of safety protocols and practices to prevent accidents to ensure well-being of themselves and  others on location.   Note: Actual duties and qualifications may vary based on the specific needs of the employer.     POSITION DESCRIPTION - Develop creative concepts and design solutions based on project requirements.   - Produce high-quality visual designs for print and digital platforms, including but not limited to websites, social media,  marketing collateral, and promotional materials.   - Stay updated on design trends and best practices to ensure designs are modern and relevant.   - Maintain and enforce brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all design elements.   - Contribute to the development and evolution of the organization's visual identity.   - Work closely with cross-functional teams, including marketing, content creators, and developers, to understand project  objectives and deliver cohesive designs.   - Incorporate feedback and iterate on designs to meet project goals.   - Demonstrate proficiency in graphic design software, such as Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), Sketch,  or other relevant tools.   - Manage multiple design projects simultaneously, ensuring deadlines are met and deliverables are of the highest quality.  Collaborate with project managers to prioritize tasks and allocate resources effectively.   - Clearly communicate design concepts and ideas to team members and stakeholders.   - Present design rationale and decisions effectively.   - Adapt designs based on feedback and changing project requirements.   - Stay informed about industry trends and incorporate innovative design techniques. - Work closely with fellow coworkers,  including graphic designers, videographers/photographer, and content creators, to execute creative projects effectively.   - Adhere to copyright laws, licensing agreements, and company policies related to photography and videography.   - Collaborate effectively with the Owner, other team members and clients to ensure the successful execution of graphic  design projects.  - Respond to routine inquiries through calls, email, web forms and in-person from our clients/potential clients regarding their  accounts, billing, filming schedule, deadlines, etc.  - Schedule equipment maintenance if needed.   - Attend all team meetings.   - Assist with special projects and reports as requested by the Owner.   - Follows safety procedures and maintains a safe work environment.   - Organize work by checking and responding to all communications (ClickUp, in-box, voicemail, email, text, etc.) and  completing all required documentation and paperwork (business, personnel, safety, etc.) in accordance with quality  standards, practices, and deadlines.   - Project a professional appearance and a pleasant attitude towards co-workers, supervisors, and clients, and interface  effectively and cooperatively with other professionals.   - Ensure and protect the confidentiality of Droptine Studios information, including that of staff, supervisors, and outside  contacts, and all other proprietary information.  

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