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Webcast Internship - Taylor Fort at San Antonio Stock Show

San Antonio, TX • Paid • Closes Nov. 30

Why Apply?

  1. Hands-on internships are an excellent way to experience a profession in person to help you decide if the field is something that you want to pursue in the future.

  2. Internships help you gain an advantage over others when applying for a job. Individuals who can show that they have experience working successfully with people are more attractive to future employers. Proving that you are capable of working well with other people will move you up the ladder when applying for jobs.

  3. Build your resume, prove your professionalism, and gain references from people in the agriculture community. Agriculturalists are a close community. Positive rapport is one of the most powerful assets a young person can develop and word of mouth travels fast. Prove to be a person who gets things done and people don’t forget!

  4. Internships can lead to future employment opportunities. Businesses like to understand who it is they are hiring. Internships can lead to job offers after graduation.

  5. Networking and internships are synonymous. By gaining internship experience, you will get to network with industry leaders, meet potential employers, and cultivate lifetime friendships.

What Will I Learn? The sky is the limit! When I was in college, I learned the basics of photography, video production, design, etc. After graduation, I felt like I had only touched the tip of the iceberg of knowledge that I wished I had learned. I was super interested in photo, video, and production software. So, I learned to research the things that interest me. I want to help you understand and engage in anything that interests you!

You will learn… Video and Broadcast Production

  • Broadcast software

  • Controlling audio inputs

  • Video switching

  • Preparing for a broadcast production

Video Cameras

  • 180 degree shutter rule

  • Frame rates for live broadcast

  • Framing up aesthetic shots

  • The gimble walk

  • Tracking a subject


  • Wireless communications system

  • Intuitive shot sequencing

Other Details:

Application deadline: Nov 30, 2023

  • Rotation 1: February 6-13

  • Rotation 2: February 16-22

  • The chosen applicants will be notified by Dec 10 so that you have time to get your schedules in order.

  • Lodging will be provided.

  • Some meals will be provided via the San Antonio cafeteria.

  • This is a paid internship. Payment details can be discussed during the interview.

  • Expect to work 8-12 hours each day. Some days may be a bit longer.

  • I understand that students still have classes that will be going on through the duration of the internship. I want to work with the interns to make sure that they are still successful in the classroom. During each rotation, we will have a couple days where no broadcasting is needed. These will be great days to get caught up on homework. Furthermore, some days are very busy and some days are light. On the light days, we will rotate the crew in and out so that everyone than needs to get caught up on school can do so. I want everyone to enjoy the internship and still do well in school!

For more information and to apply, please visit

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