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Nutrition and Health Coordinator – Texas Beef Council

Austin, TX • Full-Time • Bachelor's Degree Required

The Coordinator, Nutrition and Health develops, directs, and executes programs aimed at establishing beef as a food for health. This role is primarily responsible for educating and engaging nutrition and health influencers through educational opportunities, partnerships, and ongoing relationship development, but also contributes to nutrition and health programming across all TBC audiences.


An employee in this position may be called upon to do any or all of the following essential functions. These examples do not include all of the functions which the employee may be expected to perform.

  • Manage health and wellness influencer partnerships and program development, including planning, scheduling, and coordinating the identification and nurturing of new and existing relationships with health and nutrition professionals.

  • Attend state and national health and nutrition meetings and events, representing TBC and the beef industry by proactively networking and sharing information with attendees.

  • Plan and implement beef immersion programs for health professionals.

  • Develop partnerships with health professionals and health organizations to increase the effectiveness of the Beef Checkoff’s promotion and education efforts.

  • Identify, establish and maintain individual relationships with health professional advocates, including registered dietitians, nutritionists, and medical providers.

  • Ideate and evaluate methods and opportunities to communicate Beef’s story to health and wellness professionals through initiatives such as influencer outreach, speaking engagements, digital and social content activations, and in-person or virtual immersion experiences, devising new approaches to program challenges or barriers as needed.

  • Stay abreast of new technologies and tools for communicating with health professionals.

  • Serve as a beef nutrition expert and industry spokesperson for health and wellness influencer audiences, industry stakeholders, and the media.

  • Research, design, and write materials for seminars, speeches, newsletters, brochures, and manuals to meet educational and promotional objectives.

  • Collaborate with other teams across the organization to develop nutrition programming and content, serve as internal nutrition content reviewer, and facilitate USDA review to ensure responsible external communication.

  • Assist in analyzing recipes and maintaining accurate nutrient claims/labeling/categories for TBC recipes.

  • Track, monitor, and analyze industry nutrition trends, guidelines, and research; communicate to staff and partners for strategic planning purposes and promotional opportunities.

  • Coordinate with agencies and other contractors to successfully execute program plans in a timely and budget-conscious manner.

  • Establish working relationships with the national organization, other state beef councils, and complementary organizations to share nutrition information and execute programs.

  • Serve on internal cross-functional teams to advance the organization’s mission.

  • Engage with producers and producer-led committees as assigned.

  • Collaborate with senior leadership on all tactical nutrition and health efforts.

  • Perform other duties as assigned.


EDUCATION - Licensed and Registered Dietitian with a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. Master’s degree preferred. Strong preference will be given to those with an Agriculture degree (i.e., Animal Science, Ag Communications, Ag Business) or background.

EXPERIENCE - Must have 1-3 years of experience working with the health professional community, demonstrated subject matter expertise, and excellent oral communication and writing skills.



SKILLS - Must have the ability to understand and translate complex scientific information for health professionals and lay audiences, using expertise and good judgment to evaluate and improve programs and processes. Must be a team player, detail-oriented, adaptable, and self-directed. Excellent writing, planning, leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills. Basic skills in organization and prioritization, including tracking multiple projects. Basic-level computer skills, particularly with GSuite, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Zoom, and Adobe. Ability to perform well under intense pressure or periodic heavy workloads. A high degree of loyalty, dedication, and commitment to TBC and the beef industry are essential.


  • Ability to drive a vehicle, possess a valid driver's license and have an acceptable driving record that meets TBC's insurance requirements.

  • Viewing of a computer screen for extended periods with hand/wrist manipulation to operate a keyboard.

  • Ability to stand and walk for up to 8 hours. Ability to generally balance, stoop, kneel, or crouch.

  • Ability to lift/move up to 50 lbs.


Adaptability & Resilience - Demonstrating energy and passion for work. Maintaining stable performance and composure under pressure. Turning difficulties and setbacks into opportunities for learning. Adapting quickly and resourcefully to change and competing or shifting priorities.

Building Trust & Partnerships - Interacting with others in a way that gives them confidence in one’s intentions and those of the organization. Identifying opportunities and taking action to build trusting and strategic relationships (internal and external) to help achieve business goals.

Communication - Clearly and succinctly conveying information and ideas through a variety of media. Communicating in a focused and compelling way that engages others and helps them understand and retain the message.

Courage - Proactively confronting difficult issues. Seeking out those who can help solve a problem. Dealing openly and honestly with others and tolerating nothing less in return.

Decision Making - Identifying and understanding issues, problems, and opportunities. Comparing data from different sources to draw conclusions. Using effective approaches for choosing a course of action. Taking action that is consistent with available facts, constraints, and probable consequences.

Driving for Excellence - Setting high goals for personal and group accomplishment. Using measurement methods to monitor progress toward goals. Tenaciously working to meet or exceed challenging goals. Celebrating achievement and continuous improvement.

Value Diversity - Recognizing and utilizing the talents, contributions, insights, and skills of people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and generations. Projecting a sincere appreciation and respect for others' needs, styles, perspectives, goals, and individuality.

Work Standards - Practicing good organizational stewardship and setting high personal standards for quality of work. Assuming responsibility and accountability for job duties and actively demonstrating respect for the work of others in the organization.


TBC is a mission-driven organization proudly representing Texas cattle producers across the state and working to educate and inspire people to gather around the table over a shared love of beef.

Our core values are:

Passion: We are passionate about beef and committed to the work we believe we are fortunate to do.

Empowerment: We empower ourselves and others by sharing knowledge, responsibility, and ownership of outcomes.

Trust: We pursue trusted relationships built on integrity, accountability, and collaboration.

TBC offers employees a competitive compensation and benefits package and a flexible and collaborative work environment. Our office, located on 17 beautiful acres in NW Austin, is an inviting ranch-style building with a top-notch kitchen and event space designed for beef promotion and education. If you love beef and value a work environment that is passionate, caring, rewarding, fun, inspiring, and fulfilling, look no further than TBC.

For more information and to apply, please visit

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