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Manager of Marketing and Strategy – Total Farm Marketing

West Bend, WI • Full-Time • Bachelor's Degree Required

Farming is one of the few industries where annual revenue is wholly dependent on how well

farmers make selling decisions against the daily swings in agriculture commodity prices. As an elite company in the field of agriculture commodity risk management, Stewart-Peterson

products and services can mean the difference between the success and failure of farms

affected by commodity prices. While servicing thousands of farmers across the United States, we take pride in keeping up with the latest technological advancements and are on the cutting edge of using AI to develop farm marketing strategy. Team up with us to help us drive farmer success!

Purpose of Position

The Manager of Marketing & Strategy is responsible for developing, implementing, and

executing comprehensive marketing campaigns and strategies to reach new customers. This role will lead and optimize marketing efforts to help drive Stewart-Peterson’s growth and meet its business objectives. This person will collaborate with both external vendors and internal staff to drive all marketing initiatives. The Manager of Marketing & Strategy will need to be hands on with day-to-day marketing functions while being able to focus on planning, goal-setting, budgeting, forecasting, and overall strategy across all business units.

Key Responsibilities:

• Marketing goals: Set specific and effective short-term and long-term marketing goals.

• Budget creation and management: Lead the development of the annual marketing budget and allocation of resources to the various marketing strategies.

• Marketing strategy development: Develop, plan, and execute marketing strategies that are aligned with the company’s goals and result in revenue growth.

• Digital marketing: Work closely with external vendors to develop and oversee all digital marketing efforts, including SEO, SEM, social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing.

• Market research: Conduct market research to identify trends and competitive insights. Monitor and analyze competitor strategies to identify opportunities and threats.

• Campaign planning: Work closely with external vendors and internal staff to develop,

plan, and oversee all marketing campaigns, including defining target audiences,

messaging, and channels.

Lead generation: Seek out new ways to bring in qualified leads. Be hands-on in all

projects related to lead generation and sales processes. (i.e, posting daily on social

media platforms, analyzing lead lists, etc.)

• Analytics and measurement: Utilize data and analytics tools to track and measure the performance of all marketing initiatives (manage budgets, measure KPIs, and calculate ROI on investments). Review results on a regular basis to help make necessary adjustments to the strategy to achieve the marketing goals.

• Brand management: Ensure consistent and compelling brand messaging across all marketing channels and materials.

• Compliance: Help ensure that all marketing activities adhere to legal requirements.

• Miscellaneous projects: Take on additional tasks or assist in areas outside of your traditional role as needed.

Required Skills/Qualifications

• Demonstrated success in developing and driving marketing strategies and tactics that result in revenue growth.

• Ability to evaluate the platform and method best suited to reach our prospects, then communicate with our target audience effectively.

• Ability to work with and manage third party vendors – call centers, marketing firms, IT, etc.

• Ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with others.

• Demonstrated success (and passion) in the digital go-to-market space including marketing automation platforms, CRMs, and social media.

• Knowledge of digital media platforms and SEO to effectively lead digital marketing campaigns.

  • Familiarity with programmatic lead generation through various platforms (i.e., Facebook ads manager, Google key words and ad performance, Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager/conversion tracking, etc.)

• Deep passion for consumer insights that lead to new tactics and/or product solutions.

• Demonstrated ability to drive strategy and objectives through multiple initiatives.

• Strong financial skills to effectively review financial forecasts, manage budgets, and set targets.

• Strong writing and editing skills.

• Demonstrated ability to create dynamic presentations and go-to-market materials.

• Excellent interpersonal and business communication skills.

• Creative and strategic mind set, willing to challenge the status quo.

• Understanding unique ways to seek various marketing help outside of the single agency model.

• Willingness to manage and be hands on with details from initiation to finished product of each marketing effort.

• Experience and interest in the agricultural and/or financial industries is necessary.

• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment while working on multiple projects.

Job Specifications

• Expected hours weekly: 40+

• Regularly scheduled working hours, conducive to business and staff hours.

• Flexibility to work around the schedules of others.

• Remote work.


• 5+ years of commercial experience in marketing, sales, and/or product management.

Required Licenses

• Preferred: Salesforce Marketing Cloud Certified.

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