Communications Specialist– University of Florida

Gainesville, FL• Full-Time • Bachelor's Degree Required


  • Manage social media for the Center for Wetlands and Center for Coastal Solutions. Serve as primary account manager for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for each entity and create posts, and graphics to promote Center activities, advertise seminars, and disseminate information about coastal and wetlands-related issues, new science, and policy.

  • Develop and manage the YouTube channel for the CFW and CCS seminars. Facilitate livestreams of CFW seminar series, edit and organize videos on the channel.

  • Manage and maintain CFW and CCS websites, including content creation, developing and updating media libraries, photo editing, graphics production, html and CCS coding, and weekly updates of events and job board webpages.

  • Design, develop, and disseminate monthly or bimonthly newsletters for the CCS. Engage with a diverse set of potential subjects and contributors to identify and draw out reports/articles, images, and/or ‘stories’ from faculty, staff, scientists, students, alumni, partners, and stakeholders for the CCS monthly newsletter.

  • Design and produce press releases for CFW and CCS activities and achievements and coordinate the dissemination of news materials with UF communications and other non-UF news and media entities.

  • Utilize mailing list platforms (currently Mailchimp) for sending newsletters, updates, and maintaining subscriber lists for CCS and CFW accounts.

  • Produce a weekly seminar email for CFW for 30 weeks of the year and send to a list of 650 subscribers. Maintain and grow the subscriber lists.

  • Monitor, track, and report analytics for websites, social media channels, YouTube, and newsletter campaigns.

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