Writer/Copy Editor – Noble Research Institute

Ardmore, OK • Full-Time • Bachelor's degree Required

Noble Research Institute Writer/Copy Editor

We are seeking a writer/copy editor passionate about telling the story of regenerative ranching; an individual who can easily toggle between penning long-form narratives and crafting effective marketing and development copy; and a skilled proofreader, who possesses a keen eye to keep our communications outlay clean and concise.

We are all impacted by Noble’s primary audience — thousands of farmers and ranchers nationwide who manage millions of acres of grazing lands. We care for the land and its improvement. We believe the health of soil, plants, animals, and humans is one and indivisible.

Our national-award-winning communications team is the megaphone from which we share the story of regenerative land stewardship to farmers and ranchers, potential donors, and society at large. Communications distills and articulates how our internal research discoveries and outreach activities can assist farmers and ranchers in their journey to rejuvenate the soil. We live to discover and share the information farmers and ranchers need to leave their land better at sunset than at sunrise.

Our goal is to achieve regenerative land stewardship in grazing animal production with lasting producer profitability. This monumental undertaking requires thousands of agricultural producers across the U.S. to overcome significant barriers and change their current operational practices. Our communications team will play a critical role in clearly articulating and conveying the information necessary for farmers and ranchers to triumph over these barriers and ultimately benefit all of society through their efforts.

As our organization steps onto the national stage, traditional communication methods will not suffice. Our brand is growing, and we welcome new ideas, approaches and technologies that enable us to empathetically move producers and donors through the journey from awareness to action.

If you’ve dreamed of a place where you can combine your talents of writing and copy editing with your passion to serve farmers and ranchers (and impact the whole of society through healthy soil!) then apply to join our communications team today. Side by side with all the teams at the Institute and collaborators around the country, we relentlessly seek to instill knowledge and confidence to empower farmers, ranchers and landowners to reach their goals.

Who You Are

  • Life-Long Learner First and foremost, you must be a passionate learner in your personal life and dedicated to advancing knowledge of your craft.

  • Experienced Writer You love taking big, unwieldy concepts and making them clear, concise and fun to read. You are a bold storyteller who uses words to move people to action and varies style based on medium.

  • Passion for Proofing You’re a fastidious editor with a high attention to detail, and you’re a strategic messenger who can appropriately integrate key organizational messages. You must have a clear opinion about the Oxford comma.

  • Teammate You are an enthusiastic, flexible and conscientious teammate who loves agriculture. An organized self-starter, you can manage multiple projects and deadlines while remaining flexible.

  • Stewardship You serve your team and Noble for the benefit of the entire organization. You work for the success of those

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