Vice President of Marketing and Engagement– OSU Alumni Association

Stillwater, OK • Full-Time • Bachelor's Degree Required

The Vice President is responsible for marketing, engagement, and membership, including development and execution of the OSUAA’s corporate sponsorship program. The Vice President will utilize expertise coupled with an understanding of management and marketing principles to implement programs and processes to enhance the business of the Alumni Association. The position requires innovative, entrepreneurial leadership from a person passionately committed to the advancement of the association’s core purpose of deepening the love for OSU among alumni, students, and friends of OSU.


  • Ability to exercise leadership and motivate others to incorporate vision, strategic planning and quality improvement and assurance programs into all of the department’s/organization’s activities

  • Effective written and oral communication skills; strong public speaking skills

  • Strong organizational skills to identify key issues (including political, economic/budgetary, social, technological, and administrative) that affect the department or organization and integrating these key issues into the design and implementation of new programs and processes.

  • Deals effectively with pressure while maintaining focus and intensity, remaining persistent under adversity, and recovering quickly from setbacks.

  • Demonstrates self-motivation by pursuing opportunities for self-development, mastering new knowledge, seeking feedback from others, and acting on their suggestions.

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