Summer Intern– American Meat Science Association

Remote • Paid • Application Due March 29

Intern will assist the AMSA staff in promoting AMSA through traditional media outlets, social media, and at the annual RMC. RMC related tasks include assisting in their coordination, attending, and assisting in photography, videography and social media duties once on site. Other tasks include drafting internal news stories, scientific white papers, fact sheets, and web related projects as they arise.

Student will be assigned to help many different AMSA staff members with a variety of meetings and events at the RMC. AMSA staff members will direct the student in specific duties at meetings and events. Student should be prepared for a wide range of responsibilities, including distribution of handouts, copying materials, overseeing committee meetings, setting up the student silent auction, setting up career fair booths, and other general duties as required.

Application due March 29, 2022. Apply on the website linked below.

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