Strategic Communications Specialist – Two Rivers Marketing

Des Moines, IA • Full-Time • Bachelor’s Degree Required


This position is responsible for day-to-day project execution for public relations efforts with direction from a PR Director, Manager, or Supervisor — specializing in one or more areas of public relations. This associate may be involved in media relations, social media, internal communications, content marketing and strategy, channel communications, and other PR-related efforts. This associate may also be a primary or secondary client contact, depending on work scope and experience level; in some cases, serve as a primary or secondary day-to-day contact for media relations activity; help oversee evaluation/measurement efforts; help manage special projects and events related to PR activity; help manage others on the team (usually PR Coordinators); and may provide content development and writing support and/or help oversee others in this capacity. Responsibilities:

  • Assist the PR Supervisor, PR Manager, and/or PR Director with various PR efforts

  • Serve as a primary PR team member to plan and execute any number of specialty areas, and to provide administrative functions for those areas as well

  • Emphasis of work will be on writing and assisting in media relations efforts

  • Manage measurement/evaluation and reporting

  • Work with methods and practices that will lead to effective PR project results

  • Assist with regular administrative reporting for the account and its PR areas

  • Conduct industry and competitive research and analysis as needed

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