Spring 2021 Advising and Enrollment

Advising Reminders • Advisor Information

Advising reminders:

  • Visit this page on the Registrar website with information about the advising and enrollment process.

  • Enrollment is based on earned credit hours (the number of credits you earned before the Fall 2020 semester began). You can find this through my.okstate.edu on your transcript as earned hours. Contact the Registrar’s office if transfer credits do not accurately appear on your transcript.

  • Use the number of earned credit hours and look here to see the date and time you should enroll. The enrollment period is very abbreviated this year.

  • Using that reference date, as soon as possible contact your adviser (both advisers if you’re a double or dual major) to schedule an appointment.

  • Dwayne Cartmell (Calendly)

  • Ruth Inman (Calendly)

  • Angel Riggs (Calendly)

  • Quisto Settle (Doodle poll)

  • Shelly Sitton (Calendly)

  • Before your advising appointment, use your degree sheet(s) to reference classes you need.

  • The class schedule will be posted in Banner by October 12.

  • Create an online plan in Banner (Student Self-service) prior to your appointment.

  • Be sure to schedule with your other advisers if you’re a double or dual major.

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