Special Projects and Partnerships Director – Soil and Water Conservation Society

Remote • Full-Time • Bachelor's Degree Required • Application Due August 27

Position Description This is an exempt position under the supervision of the CEO. This individual is responsible for development and implementation of special projects to advance the Society's mission with emphasis on conservation science and supporting conservation professionals. This person is responsible for understanding the needs of conservation professionals and the producers and other stakeholder they serve. This person facilitates grant discernment processes with staff and board, creates project activities and timelines, recruits partners, identifies grant and other funding sources for projects, and writes, implements, and manages grants. This position manages SWCS’s entire grant portfolio, strategizing how grants can best fulfill the mission and provide income to SWCS. This person coordinates the dissemination of project results through reports, SWCS position statements, presentations, and other outreach activities. This person serves as a technical resource for SWCS and represents SWCS at meetings and to partners.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

Development: Developing ideas for special projects and relationships with potential partners and funders to achieve the mission of SWCS will be KEY to the sustainability of this position. Drafting concept papers, developing grant proposals, and assisting the CEO with fundraising for special projects across the nation will be an initial and major responsibility of this position. Staying up to date on best grant management tactics for nonprofit associations will be a requirement of this individual.

Project Management: Direct implementation of SWCS special projects. Ensure projects are completed on time, within budget, and meet obligations and purposes of funders. Prepare, disburse, and monitor project budgets. Monitor and maintain good relationships with project partners and funders. Complete progress reports according to specifications of sponsors.

Outreach: Disseminate and communicate results of special projects. Maintain and update information through existing SWCS communications channels and externally to partners.

Policy Coordination: Develop and maintain SWCS position statements. Work with CEO, Board of Directors, and member committees to identify issues needing development as position statements. Update and revise existing statements as needed.

Technical Resource Support: Provide technical support on conservation science and policy to enhance ongoing activities of the Society including professional development, annual conferences, and publications. Serve as resource person for staff and the Board of Directors.

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