Rural Scholars Program – OSU Rural Renewal Institute

Stillwater, OK • 10-week Summer Program • Research Based


The Rural Renewal Institute at Oklahoma State University seeks motivated OSU students for the Rural Scholars program, which is designed to mobilize undergraduate and graduate students to conduct research on challenges and opportunities impacting rural communities in Oklahoma and beyond. Students will receive firsthand community-based research and service experience, working to improve the livelihoods of rural citizens. For a 10-week period in the summer, pairs of students will live in a rural community and work with community leaders and an OSU faculty member to carry out research projects and to provide assistance, support, and hands-on solutions for community issues. In the preceding spring semester, students will be trained in community-based research approaches and will gather background information on their assigned community, and then in the summer, they will live in the rural community and provide boots on the ground experience for enacting positive change.

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