PSS Recruiter – OSU Institute of Technology

Okmulgee, OK • Full-Time • Bachelor’s Degree Required

The PSS Recruiter is primarily responsible for the recruitment and coordination of enrollment management activities for all markets including, but not limited to, high school students, military personnel, and non-traditional adults. The primary role of the PSS Recruiter is to develop a strong working relationship with prospective students and families and serve as their key contact throughout the enrollment process. This Recruiter will assist in the transition of students to the appropriate academic unit once a program of study interest has been determined. PRINCIPAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:

  • Support the Director of Prospective Student Services in overall team strategy.

  • Conduct presentations and present information to prospective students at high schools, Career Techs, businesses, college & career fairs and other activities/events as assigned.

  • Represent University at College & Career Fairs; Represent University at special events.

  • Develop relationships with high school counselors, educators and others to develop a referral network to access students.

  • Present scholarships at high school graduations.

  • Acquire data from prospective students.

  • Identify and actively recruit minority applicants.

  • Identify and actively recruit military personnel.

  • Initiate the Application for Admission.

  • Schedule personal tours for prospective students.

  • Understand and use various software and databases, according to applicable practices and guidelines share in training and documentation and stay current with practices, to facilitate the following: contact/communication, tracking activities, document/data tracking, record updates, application movement, evaluations, decision-rendering, communications, recruitment efforts, event and tour support, status/progress reporting and monitoring, and more.

  • Assist with tours of Campus/Academic Units.

  • Inform and assist prospective students to appropriate offices for completion of enrollment process.

  • Establish personal follow up communication with prospective students-tailored through Slate with a minimum of 8 hours of calls per week.

  • Coordinate and serve as primary contact for College & Career Fairs.

  • Assist Alliance Coordinator with Cooperative Alliance enrollment as needed.

  • Collaborate with numerous on and off campus constituents, campus leadership and departments, and enrollment colleagues to facilitate responsibilities, activities, and functions and to maximize effectiveness, enhance and launch programs and initiatives, and promote shared success.

  • Other duties as assigned

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