OYE Photo Team Internship – Ag Youth Magazine

Oklahoma City, OK • Applications Due Jan. 15

  • Any 4-H, FFA or Collegiate Student may sign-up.

  • The Ag Youth Photo Team's main responsibility is to shoot candid photos at the Oklahoma Youth Expo.

  • You can work for as little as a few hours or several hours/several days.

  • Photo team members will receive an Ag Youth Subscription, a certificate and an Ag Youth T-Shirt.

  • Photo Team members must be trained by Ag Youth staff prior to OYE. We will contact you personally to set up the training. At that time, you will also receive your job description and arena dress code.

  • Team members will be provided pullovers/vests and cameras to use while shooting.

  • All photos shot by the Photo Team are property of Ag Youth Magazine and cannot be sold.

Click here for more information and how to apply!

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