NPR Student Podcast Challenge

Podcast Opportunity

The NPR Student Podcast Challenge, which has drawn more than 35,000 students around the country into the world of audio storytelling, is back for its third year, with a big new addition: We're kicking it up a notch to include college students.

We're inviting students around the country to create a podcast, then — with the help of a teacher — compete for a chance to win our grand prize and have your work appear on NPR.

Here's how it works: Put together a podcast with your class or extracurricular group. Then your teacher can submit it to us. This contest is for teachers with students between 5th and 12th grade. Each podcast should be between three and 8 minutes long. The winning podcast submissions will be featured in segments on Morning Edition or All Things Considered.

We don't expect you to be experts. In fact, we're guessing that most of you are putting a podcast together for the very first time. Don't panic!

But before you do anything, it's important to read the official rules. Sure, this is a competition, but it's also about learning new skills in a fun way. We want to make that learning easier — so we've put together materials to help both teachers and students along the way.

Guidelines to remember

  • The contest is open to students at 2-year or 4-year colleges in the 50 states and Washington, D.C.

  • Podcasts must be between three and 8 minutes long.

  • Entries must be created specifically for the Contest.

  • Entries can include original music — in other words music that is originally composed and recorded. But be careful! Our contest rules make clear that you must be respectful of copyright and trademark laws, and our legal team is really serious about this. See the rules for the exact details.

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