NOC Accounting Course Information

Spring and Summer 2022 • Course Information • Enrollment Instructions

Spring 2022

  • Survey of Accounting (2003)

  • TR 9:00 ACCT2003851 SWeckler

  • TR 10:30 ACCT2003852 SWeckler

  • TR 12:00 ACCT2003853 SWeckler

  • Financial Accounting (2103)

  • MWF 9:30 ACCT2103851 SWeckler

  • Managerial Accounting (2203)

  • MWF 10:30 ACCT2203851 SWeckler

  • MW 5:30 ACCT2203852 RSloan

Summer 2022 (June 6 - 30)

  • Survey of Accounting (2003)

  • MTWR 9:00 - 11:30 ACCT2003851 SWeckler

  • MTWR 12:00 – 2:30 ACCT2003852 SWeckler

Classes will be taught fully in person. Class size: 20 – 25 students

Teaching format: Interactive lecture and problem solving

Enrollment for OSU students opens 11/29/21

Contact Stephanie Weckler if you have any questions –

  • OSU students wanting to enroll in courses at NOC Stillwater can do so online (beginning 11/29/21), IF they have been cleared for enrollment through NOC registration. In order to be cleared to enroll, students who have previously taken classes at any of our NOC campuses simply need to complete the OSU Student Enrollment Form and upload the corresponding documents. (This can be done prior to 11/29.)

  • If students have never taken classes at any of our NOC campuses, they will need to complete the NOC online application before completing the OSU Student Enrollment Form.

  • Once students have been cleared, a notification will be sent to their OSU email address containing instructions for online enrollment.

Contact your adviser for additional information or questions.

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