Media Intern– NILE

Billings, MT • Paid • Application Due August 1, 2022

The Northern International Livestock Exposition is searching for college students that can keep up with the fast-paced environment of the NILE Stock Show and Rodeo. From early mornings checking in livestock exhibitors to late nights posting barrel race results, there’s no doubt you’ll be tired by the end of it. But, you’ll leave with some lifelong friendships, industry connections and memories that will make the early mornings and late nights absolutely worth it.

You’ll have an incredible team of NILE staff and NILE interns with you along the way to guide you through the multitude of duties throughout the duration of the NILE. We’re looking for individuals that are flexible and can adjust to changes on the fly, individuals that can comfortably talk with nervous exhibitors as they’re about to enter the show ring, and most importantly, individuals that are committed to embracing the western way of life.

We understand that the timing may not be ideal as the NILE takes place during school months, but trust us, the experience is worth it! While the NILE is still months away, it’s never too soon to start thinking about your future. And besides, we know some of you college kids like to procrastinate, so here’s your chance to overcome that weakness and apply way before the deadline!

Something to make note of if you’re interested in the media internship is that it’s a semester-long opportunity. This will allow the selected intern the chance to gain a deeper knowledge of the media side of the NILE. Plus, you can receive full college credit for your efforts and walk away with some great work samples!

All applications must be in the NILE Office by August 1, 2022, and interns will be announced shortly thereafter.

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