Marketing Coordinator – Force of Nature

Austin, TX • Full-Time • Bachelor's Degree Required

Force of Nature is a champion for regenerative agriculture and wildlife conservation. We are committed to educating consumers that animal agriculture, when managed in a manner that emulates the diverse harmony in nature, improves welfare, creates the most nutrient dense food available and ultimately produces a positive return on the planet. We exist to give consumers an opportunity to vote for environmental regeneration through their purchasing power of fresh/frozen meat and to ultimately reclaim the legacy of meat. At a time when industrialized and commoditized conventional agriculture is wreaking devastation and many false profits are generating headlines with lab based or highly processed alternatives that are really no better for you or the environment; we are here to prove that nature got it right. We invite you to participate in this regenerative revolution. There is no doubt that together, we can heal our environment, restore our health, and end the agricultural system that is depleting our natural resources.

The Marketing Coordinator will work closely with the Sr. Marketing Manager in the execution of marketing programs that build brand awareness and sell through both online and at the retail level. Given the company’s annual marketing strategy and budget, the marketing coordinator will work efficiently to ensure proper execution of projects ranging from project management, digital marketing, in-store marketing campaigns, event/tradeshow management, and ambassador and partnership programs

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