Legislative Internship – Oklahoma Board of Regents

Oklahoma City, OKJan.- May • Paid • Due Oct. 27

The Oklahoma A&M Board of Regents Legislative Internship Program is designed to provide a student currently enrolled at Oklahoma State University the opportunity to gain a working knowledge of the structure and operational procedures of state government and the public policy making process. Particular emphasis is placed on the legislative process, the roles of the House and Senate, and the Executive Branch. This nonpartisan internship program is structured in a manner that will effectively complement the duties, responsibilities, and legislative goals of the Oklahoma A&M Board of Regents and its constituent institutions – Oklahoma State University, Connors State College, Langston University, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, and Oklahoma Panhandle State University. The program is designed to encourage the intern to take an active part in the civic life of the state, and gain professional experience in government and the state policy arena. Under the provisions of the program, the intern shall receive university credit commensurate with the total number of internship hours worked.

The intern will report to the Director of Public Policy to gain experience in performing a variety of professional duties and developing professional skills including:

· Networking with elected officials, legislative and executive branch staff, legislative advocates, and university/college leaders.

· Attending meetings at the state Capitol and following the legislative process.

· Monitoring legislation pertinent to higher education and performing research on specific issues.

· Assisting the Director of Public Policy with event planning and coordinated visits from campus representatives.

· Performing other duties as assigned.

All internship applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years old. Applicants 21 years and older with college credits equivalent to a junior or senior are preferred. Graduate students are also welcome to apply.

· Demonstrate interest, initiative, loyalty, integrity, high ethical values, and competency in the approach to and accomplishment of all assigned tasks.

  • Be available for the internship program in Oklahoma City a minimum of 15 hours per week.

  • Respect those matters of a confidential nature and at all times maintain a strictly nonpartisan approach to all functions and activities.

  • Dress appropriately and conduct himself or herself in a manner which reflects credit upon the Oklahoma A&M Board of Regents and Oklahoma State University.

  • Possess excellent organizational, leadership, and communication skills with the ability to carry out tasks independently.

The expected start date will be mid-January. A stipend will be provided for the semester.

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, and transcript to Board@okstate.edu.

See attachment for more information!

2022 Internship Announcement
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