Information Specialist – Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Gainesville, FL • Full-Time • Bachelor’s Degree Required

This position serves as the division photographer and videographer and provides photographic services for identification of biological specimens and disease symptoms, assists in training of technical and field personnel, and prepares technical, scientific and historical printed matter and audiovisuals. These materials are distributed to division technical and field personnel, other scientists, regulated industries, the media and the general public. Videography assists the division in outreach and technical aspects to assure the best, most relevant content is being disseminated to the public, stakeholders, and employees of the division.


  • Photographs and/or films biological specimens (e.g., arthropods, nematodes, plant pathogens and plant materials) as well as symptoms, damage to plants and plant products and related environmental conditions. This activity includes macro- and micro-photography using complex photographic and lighting equipment both in the studio and in the field.

  • Processes and prints a wide variety of photographic material. Retouches both negative and positive material.

  • Performs print finishing for educational exhibits.

  • Constructs lighting set-ups for all studio photography, including shadowless photography, using electronic and incandescent lighting systems. Constructs lighting set-ups on location.

  • Keeps a photographic record of all division programs, activities and personnel including emergency programs, conferences, meetings, ID photos, etc.


  • Responsible for digital videography footage involving division programs, functions and biological specimens.

  • Shoots video in studio and on location for educational or regulatory video to be used for a variety of productions produced and edited by the division.

  • Assists with planning and conceptualizing the shot list and storyboard for video production.

  • Edits digital footage using Adobe Premiere Pro.

  • Creates digital animation in Adobe After Effects.

Graphic Design

  • Designs and edits infographics, art and concepts for outreach materials including items used for social media platforms.

  • Creates original artwork for brochures, displays, scientific publications, logos, posters, and animations.

  • Enhances images for print and online use using Adobe Photoshop.

Multimedia Maintenance, Archives and Inventory:

  • Catalogues and files all digital files of images, negatives, film, tapes, prints and slides for proper identification, easy access and use.

  • Maintains, inventories, and orders all film, paper and other related supplies related to photo, video or auditorium needs.

  • Maintains, inventories and performs minor repairs on all cameras and accessories and related audio-visual equipment such as projectors and sound systems.

  • Sets up projection equipment and audio systems in the division auditorium and elsewhere for division functions.

  • Advises and instructs other division personnel in the use and care of check-out cameras and other audio-visual equipment.

Assists the Public Information Director with various special projects and assignments.

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