HTM 3223 International Travel and Tourism (I) – Course Opportunity

International Course • I Credit Course • Spring 2021

The study of international travel and tourism for business and pleasure. The management of travel and tourism concepts in the hospitality industry and related businesses around the world. International travel industry financial management, technology, economic planning and policy formulation. Previously offered as HRAD 4223 and HRAD 3223.

Examines the study of international travel and tourism industry for business and pleasure. Facilitates the understanding of travel and tourism management from industry and business perspectives around the world. Analyzes the concepts of financial management, technology, economic planning and policy formulation as they relate to the international travel industry. This course is intended to help students:

  1. Explain how and why the world’s countries differ.

  2. Acquire knowledge and skills necessary to:

  3. Identify the nature and scope of international tourism

  4. Describe how to plan, develop and control tourism in destination areas.

  5. Evaluate international tourism destinations to propose its tourism plans for the future.

  6. Obtain a systematic approach to international travel and tourism management, paying particular attention to the issues of destination mix analysis, strategic planning, and development.

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