Graduate Research Assistantship– Kansas State University

Manhattan, KS • Paid • Bachelor's Degree Required

Kansas State University is seeking a master’s-level graduate research assistant with a focus on conservation practice adoption in prairie ecosystems, to begin on campus on or before August 22, 2022.

The assistantship will primarily focus on research efforts in agricultural communication and education at Kansas State University. Tasks will include, but are not limited to: furthering research around barriers to adoption of conservation practices; furthering research around communication and outreach for natural resource management particularly in Kansas and prairie ecosystems; assisting with undergraduate classes in agricultural communications or agricultural education; and other duties as assigned.

Candidates who are interested in applying for the assistantship should submit their graduate degree program application and letters of recommendation by May 20, 2022. The assistantship will remain open until filled.

F22 Kansas State Ag Comm Graduate Assistantship_ConservationPracticeAdoption
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