Director of Programs & Communications – South Dakota Pork Producers Council

Sioux Falls, SD • Full-Time • Bachelor's Degree Required

Specific Description:

  • Responsible for development, implementation and management of Demand Enhancement promotions, projects, and events plus develops, oversees and manages communications of SDPPC.

  • Responsible for development and management of advertising and press releases (print and broadcast) as well as consumer advertising agency relations and performance results. Serves as the primary contact with consumer communicators including food editors, home economists and nutritionists. Responsible for or oversees desk-top publishing for brochure development of special events.

  • Responsible for involvement and coordination with the SDPPC Education Consultant.

  • Will act as office receptionist when Director of Operations and Administration is gone or busy. Duties include greeting visitors and initial response to incoming phone calls.

  • If the Director of Operations and Administration is unavailable this position is responsible for preparation and mailing of board of director and committee meeting materials. Includes meeting room arrangements, reports, hotel accommodations and meal arrangements for SDPPC events.

  • Responsible for selling advertising and submitting information for the Porkline Magazine to the External Communications Director. Notifies staff of billing rate for advertising and deadlines for submission of articles.

  • Responsible for coordinating volunteers for events in cooperation with the Director of Membership Outreach and Engagement. Managing supply inventory and working with vendors, volunteers and staff members to ensure successful presence at SDPPC events.

  • Responsible for working with other staff members to coordinate the SDPPC Annual Meeting and Trade Show. Specific duties and responsibilities will be outlined.

  • May receive requests to speak at various activities as an SDPPC spokesperson. These are joint staff responsibilities to be shared with other staff members, not solely this position.

  • Input at staff meetings is important to maintain the team approach. Attendance at weekly staff meetings is mandatory.

  • Responsible for maintaining inventory of SDPPC information and education materials. This includes identifying target markets and providing information to producers and consumers. Directive and support will be provided by other staff members.

  • Must be a team player and willing to accept other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.

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