Digital Marketing Associate – SORD Fishing Products

Miramar Beach, FL • Full-Time • Benefits Included

SORD Fishing Products is built around #wherethemapturnsblue. We are constantly in pursuit of open expanses of blue water, tight-tucked rivers, and making sure we get to grandpa’s pond every once in a while. Where the map turns blue is where we daydream about while in the office, it’s what we look forward to on the tough days, and it’s the place where all our worries melt away. We are building a company that people with the same passion for fishing can be proud of by designing and manufacturing world-class fishing products. We are hiring a kick-ass digital marketing associate to help us spread the passion for #wherethemapturnsblue

This role is geared toward someone who, beyond anything else, loves taking on the biggest challenges they can find. They are a perpetual underdog and they work like they have a chip on their shoulder. They thrive when someone tells them something cannot be done, and they have more solutions than problems. They are constantly learning and love working in a fast-paced environment where decisions have to be made without having all the information. They are Type A, extroverted, and an internal optimist who can hold a conversation with a wide range of people.

The Digital Marketing Associate will be responsible for the day-to-day management of SORD Fishing Product’s social media channels, blog, YouTube and other digital marketing channels. They will be in charge of creating content for distribution across all of our marketing platforms. This includes taking pictures and videos on the water, writing blog posts, and editing content to optimize for each platform. They will have full ownership of the digital marketing calendar for the brand. They will also travel up to 40% of the time with the founder of the company to in-person events such as boat shows, fishing tournaments, and fishing seminars where SORD will have a retail booth set up.

Job Duties:

  1. Own the entire digital marketing calendar and social media channels for SORD Fishing Products

  2. Create content during company-sponsored fishing trips in the form of photos and videos

  3. Write blog posts about different topics related to fishing

  4. Edit content to be distributed and optimized across the different digital and social marketing platforms

  5. Make daily posts and communicate with customers on social media channels

  6. Communicate with customers in-person and sell products at events where SORD has a booth setup


  1. Has a fiery passion for being where the map turns blue and chasing big fish

  2. Intellectually curious and takes risks

  3. Is an eternal optimist and has more solutions than problems

  4. Has a passion for being behind a camera and capturing the moment

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