Digital Intermediate Colorist – The Richard Janes Group

Oklahoma City, OK • Full-Time

Job Description

The Digital Intermediate Colorist assists the Digital Intermediate process through every step of the process, from conforming camera original media to the final edit, preparing color timelines, rendering versions and mastering final picture. As a small but growing post production facility you will be our go to person for all things visual. We are currently in the process of building out a 600ft color suite with a 2k projector and all the customary equipment and furnishings you would expect to see in a Los Angeles post house. Responsibilities

  • Perform basic and advanced conform functions (online editing), matching the camera raw footage to the edited program

  • Set basic color metadata settings for optimal use of camera Raw formats

  • Color grade, rename, and render conversions of dailies material

  • Work with compositing tools such as After Effects to re-time shots and perform basic clean-up

  • Render and transcode any material required for film, video versions, web, and digital cinema

  • Create preview Quicktimes, or upload to where needed

  • Work with the mastering artist to complete and QC tape layoff masters and DCP screeners

  • Ensure proper setup of the equipment and projectors in the DI suite

  • May require client contact/interaction as needed

  • Communicate with the DI Producer, post production supervisor, and client producers around the status of the work as well as clearly define any issues that may arise

  • Any other duties as required


  • 2+ years experience in color correction with high-end software. DaVinci Resolve required, Assimilate Scratch a plus. Great potential if you have experience with Baselight, Pablo, Mistika or others.

  • 5+ years experience with the common editing software platforms: Avid, Final Cut, Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Basic experience with re-timing and manipulating shots in After Effects or other compositing tools would be a plus (Smoke, Nuke)

  • Strong interpersonal skills; ability to interface with clients regularly and maintain excellent working relationships.

  • Must be able to work independently with little supervision.

  • Adaptable to change, reliable and dependable.

  • Strong technical background, able to troubleshoot system and connectivity glitches.

  • Solid understanding of color correction, with a good eye for a quality image.

  • Knowledge of film and color science.

  • Must have thorough knowledge of various digital imaging file and data formats.

  • Knowledge of the DaVinci Resolve software platform

  • Must be able to maintain flexible schedule to meet production requirements; ability to work day or night shifts as needed.

  • Ability to see detailed imaging issues or technical problems.

  • Strong communication and leadership skills.

  • Creative problem solver, able to troubleshoot a software behavior and find workarounds.

  • Resourceful and flexible with sound judgment and integrity.

  • Must be a team player who can work with the needs of other operators at the facility.

  • Demonstrate initiative and willingness to learn.

  • Solid demo reel to show potential clients ideally with distributed feature films and broadcast television series

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