Corporate Communications Specialist – JBS USA Food Company

Greeley, CO • Full-Time • Bachelor’s Degree Required


  • Support corporate communications efforts on behalf of JBS USA.

  • Serve as a communications resource for internal and external clients.

  • Identify opportunities for storytelling throughout the organization.

  • Coordinate planning, measurement and analytics to ensure we are effectively connecting communications activities with business goals and objectives.


  • Manage the company’s internal strategy for disseminating corporate information to the hourly workforce, including communications app, ensuring timely, engaging content and information is available at all times.

  • Build and support internal communications strategy development, with an emphasis on hourly team members.

  • Develop, implement and execute internal communications campaigns.

  • Identify and implement strategies to effectively communicate to a diverse hourly workforce, including innovative ways to overcome language and cultural barriers.

  • Assist with crisis management for internal audiences.

  • Collaborate with Human Resources staff to ensure communications and HR are working together effectively to meet internal corporate communications goals and HR business unit communications goals.


  • Build media lists, develop coverage reports, pitch local media.

  • Serve as a company spokesperson, with an emphasis in local markets.

  • Create talking points and informational materials.


  • Plan, write and edit content (e.g. app; Intranet; in-plant materials).

  • Develop key messages and talking points for priority areas and topics within the organization.


  • Serve as back-up support for communications activities as it relates to social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, including posting content and responding to comments, questions, concerns, etc.

  • Stay up-to-date with new digital technologies and social media best practices.

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