Copywriter – Midan Marketing

Mooresville, NC • Full-Time

Overview This isn’t your first rodeo. You’re at the height of your craft. Your writing chops are well-honed, consistently producing clear, concise and powerful copy. You segue effortlessly between multiple brand voices. Generating compelling concepts and fresh ideas on strategy? That’s your wheelhouse. Working within budget and client brand guidelines is part of the game, not a negative. When presenting work internally and to clients, your passion for the creative gets heads nodding, inspiring all to come on board. You’re a team player, naturally, but thrive solo too. Ego and a bad attitude are qualities you bypass, not embrace. In short, you’re not just a talented writer, but an all-around effective creative communicator. Specific Responsibilities

  • Take ownership of creative briefs and generate a high standard of copy from them

  • Develop forward-thinking creative strategies in-line with current media trends

  • Demonstrate a firm grasp of campaign objectives and devise strategies to achieve them

  • Mentor less senior team members and give feedback as needed

  • Manage multiple projects, with the ability to seamlessly switch from one to the other

  • Meet deadlines and stay within budget constraints

  • Push clients toward fresh, exciting ideas

  • Complete timesheets and reports on time

  • Conduct high-quality research and interviews

  • Edit and proofread copy as needed

  • Use SEO principles to maximize copy’s reach

  • Source images and other content when necessary

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