Content Coordinator – Hobby Lobby

Oklahoma City, OK • Full-Time • Bachelor’s Degree Preferred

Job Description

The Content Coordinator researches, develops, and proposes relevant and effective content solutions based on sales direction, analytics, and a proficient and expanding knowledge of marketing trends for Hobby Lobby advertising and social platforms. The Content Coordinator collaborates with internal and external stakeholders, and must have outstanding research, communication, judgment, and negotiating skills to identify and recommend practical and successful creative content opportunities. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES:

  • Takes direction from Team Leaders in establishing efficient and effective creative content processes and strategies

  • Works closely with internal and external stakeholders to research and develop relevant, cohesive, and successful creative content for use across multiple advertising and social platforms

  • Identifies aims of the company and specific goals of a project to research and curate content solutions that are in-line with marketing goals and appeal to target audience

  • Communicates with external stakeholders to research and retrieve data on marketing strategies, analytics, and social engagement to track and identify relevant content opportunities

  • Presents options for Creative Content Calendar and manages it to be sure content remains cohesive and relevant across all platforms

  • Represents interests of the client during interactions with cross-functional teams

  • Generates reports and prepares presentations that comprehensively support creative content recommendations

  • Keeps up with current and emerging marketing and social Trends

  • Communicates with Trend Specialist as needed to research relevant design Trends that should be incorporated into content proposals

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