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Manhattan, KS • Paid

The Department of Communications and Agricultural Education at Kansas State University is currently seeking individuals who wish to gain quality experience through master’s level graduate assistantships to begin January 2021.

About the Program

The Master of Science in Agricultural Education and Communication offers professionals in agricultural education, agricultural communications, extension education, and related fields with opportunities to broaden their knowledge while expanding their technical competence. The degree offers a scholarly project option with 32 total credit hours and a master's thesis option with 30 total credits. Courses are available to both part-time students and full-time students, and the program can be completed either entirely by distance or through a combination of distance and coursework on campus.

Program of Study/Degree Requirements

For students who seek a greater focus on developing their skills in research or those who are interested in continuing their education through doctoral study, a thesis option is offered. For students who prefer to focus on expanding their technical knowledge with a decreased emphasis on research, a nonthesis report option is also available.

The curriculum entails a core of courses in research methods and the philosophical contexts and theoretical foundations of the respective fields of interest. In addition, students pursuing the thesis option supplement this core with coursework in data analysis and thesis research. Students pursuing the report option complete a creative component. The balance of coursework in the thesis option includes 12 hours of elective courses, while project option students complete 21 hours of electives. 

All students work individually with a faculty adviser to tailor a combination of elective courses and to design independent research and creative components with input from a graduate committee. Because we believe graduate education is a highly individualized process, no two students will have identical programs of study. Each student will work with an adviser to identify courses that best meet the student's specific interests and needs.

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