Broadcast Intern – U.S. Custom Harvesters Inc.

Des Moines, IA • Paid • Jan. 20-24

Application closes October 18, 2020


U.S. Custom Harvesters, Inc. (USCHI) is an association made up of professional custom harvesters and associate members that serve the needs of the American farmer. Our organization was established and chartered in 1983 in the State of Texas and serves as a link between the harvesters and the many groups of people they work with, such as farmers, businesses, State and Federal Government. Our current office is now in the State of Kansas. Our mission is: advance the cause of the members of the Corporation by representing and promoting the harvesting industry; to positively influence government and regulatory agencies; to enhance the relationship between custom harvesters, their clients, and service providers to the industry, and the general public; to manage the changing landscape within the industry while enhancing the profitability of custom harvesters and their customers.

Responsibilities: • Assist with social media content production for event coverage. • Photograph clinics, educational sessions and meetings. • Take photographs/short videos of the tradeshow exhibitors and attendees. • Interview tradeshow exhibitors, attendees and board members for video content. • Create short videos to promote annual convention on social media. • Create a post-conference video. Skills needed: • Strong written and verbal communication skills. • Ability to interview individuals through a video/broadcast setting. • Working knowledge of video production software. • Ability to work independently and willingness to be a team player. • Strong interest in the agriculture industry, particularly the harvest sector. • Willingness to learn from others and absorb knowledge about the harvest sector.

Experience required: This internship is for a Junior or Senior undergraduate student. Preference will be given to agriculture journalism/communications students and/or broadcast journalism to capture the live events at the annual convention.

Specifics: • Interns will be provided with a $1000 stipend. • Preferred arrival in Des Moines, Wednesday, January 20. • Preferred departure from Des Moines, Sunday, January 24. • U.S. Custom Harvesters will provide each intern with a hotel room. • Most meals are provided at convention. Additional meals will be at the expense of the intern. •Intern will be responsible for travel costs. • Report/letter from USCHI for intern for their degree program or faculty advisor file will be provided post-convention, upon request. • All photos/written material produced will become property of USCHI. • Interns will responsible for suppling their own equipment.

Application closes October 18, 2020

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