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Angus Media Publications Intern - American Angus Association

St. Joseph, MO • Paid • Closes Dec. 1

This writing-intensive opportunity offers the chance to participate in producing publications, including the Angus Journal, Angus Beef Bulletin, Angus Beef Bulletin EXTRA, Angus Journal Daily, editorial websites, podcasts and social media. The internship can be tailored to applicants’ strengths, but many duties can be anticipated, including traveling to industry events. Experience in news and feature writing, editing and photography are strongly suggested. The basic template for the internship is as follows.

Attend two of the following:

  • Beef Leaders Institute

  • American Society of Animal Science Meetings

  • NCBA Summer Conference

  • Educational meeting of the intern’s choice per approval of the editor

  • National Junior Angus Show

  • Beef Improvement Federation symposium

Involved in production of multiple publications and podcasts:

  • Multiple publications include the Angus Journal, Angus Journal Daily, Angus Beef Bulletin and Angus Beef Bulletin EXTRA

  • Podcasts including The Angus Conversation, Angus Journal Daily and Angus at Work

Intern can expect to:

  • Conduct producer interviews

  • Write various types of articles including news story, short feature story, long feature story, personality profile, research article and research summary (these categories correspond to the ACT Critique & Contest and would give the intern a potential entry in each writing category)

  • Learn the magazine production process for two distinctly different magazines

  • Participate in the editorial planning process

  • Assist in the daily gathering, compiling, proofing that feeds our information outlets

  • Take responsibility for managing a column

How to apply:

Please upload your cover letter, résumé, portfolio samples and three references to the career center no later than December 1, 2023.

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