Agritourism Manager – Kansas Department of Agriculture

Shawnee County, KS • Full-Time • Bachelor's Degree Required

Position Summary:

The Kansas Department of Commerce is recruiting an Agritourism Manager to their Tourism team. This critical position will be responsible for overseeing the Kansas Agritourism program Kansas Agritourism ( by working with new and existing agritourism businesses to help maximize their positive impacts on the business itself, the community in which it resides, and the statewide tourism industry. This position will travel occasionally and may have some overnight.

Job Responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Main point of contact for Kansas Agritourism businesses

  • Promotes the Kansas Agritourism program to recruit new agritourism businesses in Kansas

  • Maintains updated manual on how to start a new agritourism business in Kansas

  • Responsible for reviewing applications to ensure eligibility. Works with the applicant throughout the entire approval process.

  • Conducts site visits as needed

  • Responsible for maintaining updated and accurate records for registered agritourism businesses, including contact information, renewal dates, business information etc.

  • Keeps in regular contact with all registered agritourism business by providing updates on Kansas Tourism marketing opportunities, educational or grant opportunities, and other helpful information through e-newsletters, calls, personal visits etc.

  • Responsible for maintaining updated agritourism business information on the Kansas Tourism customer management platforms and listings on

  • Works closely with Kansas Tourism team to develop and implement effective ways of marketing Kansas Agritourism businesses, such as brochures, magazines, websites, social media, traditional media and outlets.

  • Develops and implements educational seminar, webinars or other opportunities that will benefit Kansas agritourism operators

  • Prepares monthly activity reports

  • Works with Kansas Dept of Agriculture and other appropriate state agencies on education and marketing of registered agritourism businesses.

  • Makes presentations as needed on the Kansas Agritourism program

  • Represents Kansas Tourism at regional and national Agritourism associations and conferences.

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