Agriculture and Rural Issues Reporter – KOSU

Oklahoma City, OK • Full-Time • Bachelor's Degree Required

KOSU seeks an agriculture and rural issues reporter with the mission to uncover stories that deeply affect Oklahomans but are untold by existing media. The journalist will report for KOSU and contribute to Harvest Public Media, a Midwest and Great Plains regional journalism collaboration focusing on food systems, agriculture and rural issues. The goal is to provide in-depth and unbiased reporting on complex issues, often connecting the Heartland to the rest of the country.

The successful candidate will have a strong understanding of the unique culture of rural America and respect the stories of its people. They will have the ability to do enterprise reporting and work with a diverse set of constituencies. They will have deep listening skills and the ability to weave a compelling audio story. Other useful skills include the ability to tell a story in digital format, basic photography and/or fluency in Spanish.

The successful candidate will join a growing team of journalists at KOSU. The team is heavily invested in listening and engagement reporting and collaboration.

The reporter will be based with KOSU’s staff in Oklahoma City, but is expected to spend significant amounts of time getting to know people across the state and the nuanced issues they face.

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