Advocacy/Education Specialist – PTNPA

Remote • Full-Time

Primary Responsibilities:

Support all PTNPA Members in close collaboration with colleagues and CEO/ED. Outreach/Advocacy functions will include proactively tracking issues of importance to the nut industry and members (Federal and State mobilization, without having PAC or doing any lobbying). Lead internal Programs that support the education, collecting industry data/info and driving the annual Technical Forum event. Work closely with Members and specific Committees focused on Advocacy/Outreach, Technical, Education and Stewardship/Sustainability.

Key Issue Legislation/Trend Tracking and Member Mobilization

- Work with Advocacy/Outreach Committee and PTNPA Members focused on Outreach/Advocacy priorities, opportunities and action plans – and overall nut industry information/reputation management

- Proactively and regularly track legislative and policy matters pertaining to the nut industry in cooperation with other food industry Associations and PTNPA Industry Affiliate Members

- Drives member engagement in industry outreach/education and mobilization of efforts by determined by the Committee and PTNPA Members (with Industry Affiliate Member input)

- Work to organize PTNPA Member “Fly In” Events, Member connections and

Manage Industry Affiliate Members

- Lead and manage collaboration and regular convening of PTNPA Industry Affiliate Members and work with colleagues to promote and better understand all nut commodities (facts/challenges/opportunities, etc.) by way of articles/webinars/podcasts

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PTNPA - Advocacy and Education Specialist - Job Description as of 10 25 2022
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