Advertising Support Specialist – Cox Media

Oklahoma City, OK • Full-Time • Bachelor’s Degree Required

Primary Responsibilities and Essential Functions

- Serves as the liaison between sales consultants, segment 2 and 3 clients, and Client Services.

  • Partners with sales consultants to build upon CNA data to prepare the client solution.

  • Creates quality schedule proposals that reinforce our solutions selling model.

  • Strategizes with sales consultants and other Sales Services staff to increase revenue generation that includes up selling as it aligns with the client solution and other opportunities available that fit within the clients goals and objectives.

  • Key duties include creating proposals, partnering with the Campaign Fulfillment Center (CFC) for order entry and revision instructions, managing and troubleshooting ad copy, fulfilling makegood requests, and managing client requests.

  • Takes responsibility to solve internal / external customer problems.

Major work activities include:

  • Ensures that ad copy is submitted to the CFC, entered into Novar per instructions, and approved and corrected if necessary; updates or troubleshoots ad copy and locates previously used spot IDs and copy media, as needed.

  • Investigates pre-empted spots, submits makegood instructions based on client or sales consultant direction, and ensures that makegoods are processed correctly in Novar.

  • Collaborates with assigned sales consultants to develop client solutions, strategize how to increase revenue, determine client product mix, develop proposals and presentations, and complete production agreements. May upsell in line with client goals and objectives and previously agreed-upon client solutions, especially in conjunction with makegoods.

  • Calls customers to obtain information or missing ad copy, or to inform them about schedule changes; responds to customers questions, solves their schedule-related problems, and handles other client requests by phone; in conjunction with a sales consultant provides follow-up information and post-campaign details to clients; may meet with clients in person at the request of the sales consultant and/or local Sales Manager.

  • Develops custom schedule proposals in View32 based on product mix, inventory availability, and rate card information.

  • Submits digital media (online product, mobile, VOD, Interactive), GoScout, and local origination channel (LO) orders using the appropriate fulfillment processes and systems.

  • Monitors key business reports to gauge the successful fulfillment of client contracts. Initiates and takes action as needed to engage sales consultants in modifications, changes, and/or client notifications needed.

  • Sets up new clients/agencies in TIM and works with CFC to set them up in Novar and set up their billing.

  • Coordinates and provides direction and assistance to SSCs regarding order entry and revision.

  • Investigates and resolves credit holds and misapplied payments; maintains records and keeps balance on all trade accounts.

  • Attends job-related training that may include refresher training, and service updates.



-Where permitted by applicable law, must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to be considered for this U.S. based job. (Reasonable accommodations for medical and religious objections will be considered.)

- 2 or more years of experience preferred in related field (i.e. customer service, sales support, media sales environment, etc.)

  • Experience using Microsoft Office applications in a work or non-work setting

  • Excellent skills in adaptability, applied learning, collaboration, customer service orientation, high impact communication, initiating action, problem solving and troubleshooting, quality orientation, reasoning, self-organizing, and written communication, in order to work effectively with teams throughout organization.

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