4-H "STEMist" Internship Program – Oklahoma 4-H

Stillwater, OK • Paid • Applications Due April 9

What is a STEMist? College student and former 4-H member who teaches workshops and curriculum to 4-H youth from Oklahoma. Students who are interested or have experience in science, education, communications, or youth development are encouraged to apply.

What should STEMists expect?

  • 10 week program with 40 hours a week of developing and teaching content

  • Attend STEMist trainings (arranged based on selected individuals’ schedules)

  • Complete program evaluations as assigned by Oklahoma 4-H Youth Development

  • Collaborate with other STEMists and Oklahoma 4-H staff members

In years past, the majority of STEMists’ time would be spent working directly with youth at county events around Oklahoma. STEMists would also teach at events such as 4-H Roundup, Parent-Volunteer Conferences, and other state/district 4-H events.

The program was altered in 2020 to reduce the spread of COVID-19. This past year’s STEMists taught all content virtually. The group facilitated 17 virtual science camps and a few Zoom day camps. They taught 3-6 lessons and experiments per camp and produced more than 75 supplementary videos and handouts for youth to utilize. By the end of the summer, the team was able to reach over 780 youth across 69 different counties in Oklahoma.

Students with the ability to bring fresh perspectives and ideas to improve the program are sought for this opportunity. We expect that the 2021 STEMist program will be very similar to this past year, but we are hopeful that this year’s STEMists will be able to participate in more programing in-person with 4-H youth! See the attachment for more information!

Click here to apply!

2021 4-H STEMist Program
PDF • 155KB

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