2021 AHP Equine Media Student Award

Application Deadline is January 22

Do you have a passion for horses and a career as an equine media professional? Apply for the 2021 AHP Equine Media Student Award today!

Selected applicants will meet, network, and participate with publishers, editors, advertising, production, and marketing managers. You will participate in workshops, interactive discussions, lectures and informal get-togethers. This eye-opening conference will inform and enlighten you about the opportunities available to, and skills needed for, someone interested in pursuing a career in equine media. (Conference may be in person and/or virtual depending on status of the pandemic and the safety of attendees.)

Have an opportunity to discuss your talents and potential with the decision makers who do the hiring. Conversely, those professionals will be evaluating and appraising you as a possible future staff member.

Click here for more information and how to apply!

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